Green Roof

Greenify Your Rooftop

Greenify Your Rooftop

What is Green Roof?

Sunseap's Green Roof solutions serve to play a functional role towards urban sustainability and in enhancing the aesthetic value of the property. The installation of a Green Roof can extend the lifespan of the roof's waterproofing membrane. More importantly, the Sunseap Green Roof system requires little to no maintenance, making this emerging technology simple to adopt.

Our green roof solutions can fit most, if not all, rooftops. They are lightweight and cost-effective. With more greenery, more carbon can be absorbed from the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sunseap's green roof technology is in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2023.

Benefits of Green Roof



• Enhance value of building
• Lowering the overall electricity bill
• Increase productivity of solar panels and lifespan of roof



• Cleaner air
• Additional recreational space
• Aids in general well being



• Lower ambient temperature
• Contribute to air purification
• Reduce flash flooding (act as rainwater buffer)

World's leading Green Roof technology

Being the main distributor of Optigrün's patented green roof components and inorganic growing substrate for urban landscaping in Southeast Asia allow us to provide stellar green roof technology tailored to meet the most stringent needs.

Main distributor of Optigrün Germany
Optigrün (Optigreen) is a founding member of the FLL, one of the world's longest-standing green roofs standard organisation.

Extensive Green Roof
• Lightweight, cost-effective, low maintenance

Intensive Green Roof
• Landscape gardens, urban farming

Solar Green Roof
• Best of both worlds, to help maximise roof productivity

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