Environmental Sustainability Design

Improve the corporate image, resale value and leasing of your commercial property by obtaining a Green Mark Certification today.

Improve the corporate image, resale value and leasing of your commercial property by obtaining a Green Mark Certification today.

Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Services

Sunseap Solutions provides 2 main ESD services: Energy Audits and BCA Green Mark consultancy & submission.

Sunseap Group is proud to be leading in the sustainability practice and industry in Singapore. Having won several prestigious awards, including the Asia's Green Future Leaders Awards in 2019 and Singapore's Environmental Achievement Awards in 2017, we are pleased to be paving the path forward for high Green Mark standards and sustainable practices.

Sunseap Group is also dedicated to the mission of providing affordable clean energy solutions such as solar energy for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore.

Benefits of Energy Audit & Green Mark Certification


Improved Building Performance

Comfortable and healthy environment for occupants.


Lower Operating Cost

Save on energy costs by optimising and working on improvement areas identified in the audit process.


Enhance Building Value

Differentiated features increase building attractiveness.


Legislation Compliance

Achieve minimum Green Mark standard as mandated by the government.

1. Energy Audit

Akin to a health check of a building, energy audits allow us to analyse, identify and propose energy improvement upgrades to our clients. Energy audits could range from a comprehensive audit to equipment-specific audits, eg. chiller plants.

Sunseap's Energy Audit allows stakeholders in Singapore to understand existing environmental conditions surrounding their building and make informed decisions on how and where energy can be saved and efficiently utilised. Our energy audits are thorough and detailed, allowing companies in Singapore to identify, analyse and propose any improvements to improve efficiencies for a higher return on investment.

Energy Audit Process


Document Review

Detailed review of client's utility bills to understand energy consumption and usage patterns.


Site Observation

Interview with Key Facility Personnel and General Observation of Operations.


Identify & Analyse

Identify, Analyse and Propose areas of improvement so as to achieve greater resource efficiency and return on investment.

2. BCA Green Mark Consultancy & Submission

The Green Mark certification scheme was launched by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore in January 2005 and is a green building rating system designed to evaluate a building's environmental impact and performance. It provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings to promote sustainable design, and best practices in construction and operations in buildings. There are different categories and tiers of certification for Non-residential Building (NRB) and Existing Non-residential Building (ENRB).

The future places greater emphasis on efforts to improve sustainability practices. With climate change as a pressing issue, it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to be prioritising sustainability standards. Attaining the Green Mark Certification can bolster the corporate image and resale value of the buildings.

A building with a Green Mark Certification will have facilitated the successful reduction in energy usage, have improved indoor quality for employees and put measures in place to maintain and continue lowered impact on the environment.

Be Green Mark Certified Today

Be Incentivised

For existing buildings, BCA will co-fund 50% of the cost of audit*

Be Prepared

All new buildings must be GM certified; buildings within gazette areas to be GM Platinum

80% of existing buildings to be GM certified by 2030

Providing stakeholders the knowledge to make an informed decision

Enjoy Larger Gross Floor Area (GFA)

For new buildings that have attained GoldPlus or Platinum: additional 1-2% GFA.

Enhance Property Value

Facilitate reduction in energy, water and material resource usage

Reduce environmental impact

Understanding the state and trajectories of the building

Sunseap provides the necessary consultancy and submission services to our clients who wish to apply for BCA Green Mark. Improve your corporate image, resale value and leasing of your commercial property by obtaining a Green Mark Certification today. More details here.

1. What exactly is the BCA Green Mark Scheme?
Established by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in 2005, the Green Mark Scheme was introduced to gear Singapore's construction industry towards more environmentally friendly standards. The Green Mark Scheme will draw greater attention to sustainability practices in a more holistic manner - with focus in areas like climatically responsive design, energy conservation and efficiency as well as a better use of technology. Developers, building owners and government agencies for new and existing buildings, districts, parks, infrastructure and building interiors can apply for the Green Mark certification in Singapore.

2. How will it do so?
The Green Mark Scheme rates buildings on their environmental performance, prompting a future of leadership and improved practices to build an end-to-end cycle of sustainability. This can vary from building to building - be it commercial, retail or residential.

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