Sunseap Taiwan's Project Update (circa July 2021)

By Erica
August 19, 2021

If you have been following our updates online, you would have seen the overview of some of the projects from over the past couple of years in Taiwan.

Today, we have details of the new projects that were completed in the first half of this year. As we continue to support the government's sustainability goal of committing 20% of Taiwan's energy needs to come from renewable sources, here is our 'contribution' for 2021.

Miaoli North Solar Farm (628 kWp)

Thie Miaoli North installation comprises 1,904 solar panels, with output totaling 628 kWp. Given the site's proximity to a hill slope, the team had to implement soil and water conservation measures during construction. With the differences in gradients across the entire project, water retention basins were also installed to help regulate rainwater to prevent flooding and soil erosion.



Miaoli South Solar Farm (1,349 kWp)

While the Miaoli North project was being set up, we had another team on the ground working on the Miaoli South Solar Farm. While both projects were completed in the same 3-month period, this farm is twice the size of the site up north, with 4,088 panels and a capacity of 1,349 kWp.

This site is also located on a hill slope and required soil and water conservation measures in place during the installation process. To further address the challenge of an uneven terrain, the project team used steel structures to adjust the height and layout of the solar panels for optimum efficiency in solar energy generation.



Miaoli Houlong West Solar Farm (735 kWp)

The combination of Sunseap Taiwan's technical expertise and the relatively flat terrain of the Miaoli Houlong West location, the entire process – design, engineering, material procurement and installation – was completed in 1 month. Truly a record! This project utilized 2,298 solar panels with 735 kWp output.



Wei Pin & Ming Zhi are our senior team members who oversee and lead Sunseap Taiwan's projects. We caught up with them to get their insights on these new projects.

How long did it take to complete these PV installations?

Wei Pin: 1-3 months.

What was the biggest challenge our team faced in working on these projects?

Wei Pin & Ming Zhi: 2 out of the 3 projects were installed near or on a hill slope, which meant that the most important factors we had to prioritize were system stability and safety. We applied high standards of soil and water conservation measure and systems during installation to maintain the terrain stability as well as to regulate rainwater flow.

Were there any delays brought on by the pandemic?

Wei Pin: Not really. These projects were completed before the surge in Covid-19 cases, so there was not much of an impact on our projects, thankfully.

What is the current status of Sunseap Taiwan's solar development roadmap?

Wei Pin & Ming Zhi: Currently we have 60 MWp contracted capacity across the country. There are 2 upcoming basketball court rooftop projects in Taipei, which we see as a bit of an installation milestone from rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems.

We are also extending our solar footprint into Taitung and Yilan county in the coming months.

Thank you, Wei Pin & Ming Zhi. We look forward to catching up with you for the next project update. Until the next time, take care and be safe, everybody!

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