Humans of Sunseap Taiwan


By Erica
October 21, 2020

Who are the people who make up Sunseap Taiwan, and what are they like? In this "Humans of Sunseap" blog, we will find out more about our Sunseap Taiwan colleagues...

Sunny (Office administration & HR)

Sunny (Office administration & HR)

Sunny is our first member of Taiwan team, who takes care of the office administration and also human resource for Sunseap Taiwan. She is an avid sports lover and has been exercising regularly for almost 10 years.

Besides sports she also enjoys playing the Er hu (a two-stringed bowed Chinese music instrument). Asked what she would love to do after retirement, she is contemplating of getting a street performer license playing the Er-Hu!

Earlier this year in 2020, Sunny just completed her 1st trail among the One Hundred Peaks in Taiwan - Tao Mountain (3325m). The entire trip costed 11.5 hours from sunrise to sunset, which almost burned her out. "Although I felt extremely exhausted when finally reached the peak, looking around the 360-degree magnificent scenery, just like standing above the clouds. It is well worth a trip!"

As a lifetime supporter towards environmental issues, Sunny has stopped using disposable tableware for over 20 years.

"Life is more beautiful with environmental protection, we should provide a more eco-friendly environment for our next generation... We should definitely put more effort to look at our current sustainability issues."

Sam (Project Management)

Sam (Project Management)

Sam is one of our pioneers for the Taiwan market and is in charge of the project management for central/southern part of Taiwan. Outside of work, he loves to go hiking so as to enrich his life as well as to reduce his stress.

Sam is also very family-oriented as he likes to spend most of his free time together with his family. E.g. They just came back from a short hiking trip to Taichung's highest peak - Touko mountain in October! He enjoys valuable time together with family a lot, he believes family ties can be further strengthened through more engagement and interaction.

Being involved in clean energy industry these years, Sam elaborated different angles towards going green.

"Going sustainable should not restrict the development of economy, it should be operated as a co-living model. We should look at this issue in a more comprehensive way."

Hunk (Project Management)

Hunk (Project Management)

Hunk recently our Sunseap Taiwan team as a project manager in 2020, and is responsible for the northern part of Taiwan. By looking after the project status and quality control, he is the go-to person for this region.

Hunk has been involved in volleyball since school days, and was even a school team coach before!

Hunk himself has nearly 10 years of project management experience and considers resource allocation and network management are the two key tools to help him improve project efficiency and also performance at work.

As for sustainability issue, Hunk has a different approach to it.

"In Taiwan, there are around 2.5 million tonnes of foods been wasted each year. We should take decreasing food waste as the first step!"

He thinks food waste reduction is the easier and more effective way for public to protect our environment and also shows respect for all living creatures.

Erica (MarComms & Sustainability)

Erica (MarComms & Sustainability)

Erica is the newest baby for our Taiwan team, taking care of marketing, branding and communications for the Mandarin speaking market. She is also an animal and sports lover, so you may sometimes find her spending time with her cat outside of work or working out.

Apart from playing with her cat, Erica is keen on boxing with a frequency of 2-3 times a week since last year. Boxing is a kind of sport which costed much stamina and concentration.

"Although the training can be painful, I enjoyed the process a lot! Nowadays stress can come from everywhere, & it is more important for people to find their own stress relief, which will help in maintaining life balance as well as physical/mental wellness."

As a concerned sustainability individual, she feels that energy transition to renewables is a must especially for our next generation.

"The environment should be protected by everyone not specific groups, it is the only way moving forward..."

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