Engineering (EPC/O&M)

Commercial Turnkey Engineering, Operation & Maintenance Solutions for Your Solar System

Commercial Turnkey Engineering, Operation & Maintenance Solutions for Your Solar System

Engineering (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Set up in 2018, EDPR APAC Engineering undertakes EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services. EDPR APAC Engineering provides technical reviews and technical due diligence to all of EDPR APAC’s solar projects in the region and the team has commissioned more than 190 MWp capacity and 300 MWp in the pipeline for Singapore.

EPC in solar industry is more sophisticated as solar installation and it incorporates:

1. Meticulous Engineering Design of Solar PV System

We bring our client through a process of requirement analysis, site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, generation forecast, selection of equipment, engineering design, and 3D rendering of the proposed system. Click here to view the process of Engineering Design with our Solar Technologists

2. Efficient Procurement of Equipment & Inventory

EDPR APAC is able achieve lower cost per watt for installed projects due to cost savings emerging from economies of scale, especially during bulk purchases from major suppliers and inverters and professional service contracts negotiated with a volume discount. On top of that, our engineers constantly keep updated with the market to find the most suitable technology for the projects.

3. Construction of PV system

Construction involves the mounting of solar panels and installation of the equipment. Through the years of experience across multiple projects, EDPR APAC have adopted a process to increase execution capabilities while ensuring the safety of our teammates.


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