Omahaedori donates necessities to residents in Goheung County

A photo taken at the donation ceremony with the mayor. Standing left to right are Mr. Heejae Ho, Land development manager of EDPR Sunseap Korea; Ms. Miyeong Lee, Head of Hope Welfare Team, Goheung county; Mr. Alfonso Yuste, Country Manager of EDPR Sunseap Korea; Ms. Choonja Kang, Director of Resident Welfare Division, Goheung county; Mr. Kiyoung Kim, Technical director of Kum Yang Green Power; Mr. Jongsoon Kim, Development manager of EDPR Sunseap Korea; Mr. Yonggon Yun, Technical manager of EDPR Sunseap Korea.

16 January, 2023

Omahaedori Co., Ltd. welcomes the New Year with a donation of necessities to the Goheung County community on 13 January 2023.

Omahaedori is a local renewable energy business owned by EDPR Sunseap and Kumyang Green Power with a 75%-25% shareholding structure.

The donations consisted of 230 items, valued at 12 million Korean won, to the Goheung County Office including emergency kits and blankets to the needy residents within Goheung County.

Mr. Alfonso Yuste, Country Manager of EDPR Sunseap Korea, said: “At EDPR Sunseap, we assume the social and environmental responsibilities that result from our performance thus contributing towards the development of the regions in which we operate.”

Mr. Young-min Gong, Head of Goheung County Office, said: “We thank EDPR Sunseap Korea for their generous contributions and the warmth brought to the local community this New Year.”

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