EDPR Sunseap scales up its renewables presence in China achieving a total of 130MWp of distributed generation projects

16MWp rooftop PV project in Shandong China, one of EDPR’s largest rooftop solar projects

18 January, 2023

EDPR Sunseap announced today its solar projects in China reached a total capacity of approximately 130 Megawatts-peak (MWp). This includes approximately 30 solar projects that are completed, under construction or secured. More than 40% of the total capacity(53MWp) is already in operation, including a 16MWp rooftop system in Shandong, one of the biggest rooftop solar projects in EDPR to date. The secured and under construction projects are expected to be fully operational by first half 2023.

The 53MWp of completed projects are built on rooftops for commercial and industrial clients across several provinces such as Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, and were completed between the years 2021 to 2022.

These completed projects will generate over 63 million kWh of energy annually, or offset approximately 52,858 metric tonnes of carbon emissions*, which will help to contribute to China’s national goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2060.

An EDPR Sunseap spokesperson said: “2022 has been a year of growth and new opportunities for EDPR Sunseap as we scale up our presence in the Asia Pacific region. We are honoured to work with like-minded Chinese partners, and will continue to grow our presence in China by building more renewable energy systems as we look forward to another successful year.”

*Using China’s grid emission factor 0.828 kg CO2e/kWh, “2022 China Electricity Industry Annual Report”

About EDPR Sunseap
EDPR Sunseap is headquartered in Singapore and present across 9 markets currently with approximately 1 GWp of installed and under construction solar capacity and a pipeline of more than 6 GW. EDPR Sunseap is part of EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a global leader in the renewable energy sector and fourth largest wind producer worldwide with 14.3 GW installed and present in 28 markets.

EDP is EDPR's main shareholder with 75% stake operating across energy generation, networks and supply, including a total installed capacity of 28 GW, networks of 376 thousand km and over 9 million clients.

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星生能源扩大其在中国布局 达成总容量130兆瓦分布式光伏项目







星生能源(EDPR Sunseap)总部位于新加坡,目前全球遍布 9个市场,总装机和在建中光伏容量约1吉瓦,商谈中容量超过 6 吉瓦。星生能源(EDPR Sunseap) 是 EDP Renewables(泛欧交易所代码:EDPR)的子公司,EDP Renewables 是可再生能源领域的全球领导者,也是全球第四大风能生产商,已装机容量 14.3 吉瓦,并在 28 个市场开展业务。

EDP 是 EDPR 的主要股东,拥有 75% 股份,涉及能源生产、网络和供应。全球总装机量 28 吉瓦,网络扩及37.6 万公里,供应超过 900 万客户。


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