EDPR Sunseap supports Taiwan’s energy transition by supplying solar power from schools

Touqian Junior High School (746kWp), one of EDPR Sunseap's school solar PV projects in 2022

Taiwan, 15 December 2022

EDPR Sunseap, the Asia Pacific platform of EDP Renewables, has started supplying electricity commercially from solar installations at 56 schools in Taiwan for 2022, supporting the island’s transition to clean and renewable energy.

The installations have a total capacity of 15 Megawatts-peak (MWp), sufficient to supply approximately 4,440 Taiwanese households annually while offsetting 9,196 metric tonnes of carbon emissions*. Energy produced from these solar installations is distributed through Taiwan’s National Grid.

About 70% of these solar installations are in Yunlin County, a region known for its agricultural products. In one of the projects, EDPR Sunseap installed solar panels on the top-level bleachers surrounding a sports field – taking advantage of existing, elevated spaces that have been underutilised.

EDPR Sunseap has a pipeline of solar projects in schools totalling another 13 MWp in 2023, to support Taiwan’s national net zero target by 2050.

An EDPR Sunseap spokesperson said: “Solar systems installed in schools do not just reduce carbon emissions, they also provide an environment where students can experience first-hand how solar energy systems work. Education is a building block that can significantly accelerate renewable development in Taiwan.”

*Using Taiwan’s grid emission factor 0.509 kg CO2e/kWh

About EDPR Sunseap
EDPR Sunseap is headquartered in Singapore and present across 9 markets currently with approximately 1 GWp of installed and under construction solar capacity and a pipeline of more than 6 GW. EDPR Sunseap is part of EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), a global leader in the renewable energy sector and fourth largest wind producer worldwide with 14.3 GW installed and present in 28 markets.

EDP is EDPR's main shareholder with 75% stake operating across energy generation, networks and supply, including a total installed capacity of 28 GW, networks of 376 thousand km and over 9 million clients.

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星生能源支持學校太陽能建設 助台灣能源轉型腳步


2022年12月15日, 台灣


此學校專案總容量15MWp,足以提供每年約 4,440 戶的台灣家庭用電,同時抵消 9,196 公噸碳排放*。該專案七成案場集中在雲林縣國中小,遍及該區所有鄉鎮市。


星生能源發言人表示:「太陽能學校專案不僅能協助能源轉型,更提供學生直接接觸綠能的機會。」 「我們認為教育是環境永續的基石,更能有效帶動台灣再生能源發展腳步。」


*計算基準: 台電2021年電力排碳係數 0.509 kg CO2e/度

星生能源(EDPR Sunseap)總部位於新加坡,於全球9個主要市場皆有佈局。目前再生能源建置總量約1GWp,在建與洽談中容量超過6GW。星生能源(EDPR Sunseap) 為EDP Renewables(泛歐交易所代碼:EDPR)之子公司,EDP Renewables 是全球再生能源領域的領導者,也是全球第四大風電供應商,已裝機容量 14.3 GW,於全球28 個市場皆有佈局。

EDP為 EDPR 主要股東,佔有 75% 股份,跨足能源生產、網絡和供應。全球裝機容量 28 GW,網絡擴及37.6 萬公里,供應超過 900 萬客戶。


Rob Khoo
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