Sunseap expands in Taiwan with five new projects in 2021


August 11, 2021

Sunseap is expanding its operations and will embark on at least five new projects for the rest of 2021, with the key highlight being the first rooftop solar energy systems to be deployed at the basketball courts of two schools in New Taipei City.

The other projects include:
• the first ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) project in the Taitung province with a capacity of 1.2 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) when completed.
• the first rooftop installation project on a commercial building in Yilan county, in Northeastern Taiwan, with a capacity of 1.6 MWp when completed.
• a 1 MWp solar farm in Houlong East, Maoli county in western Taiwan.

From its first commissioned project at Pingtung Canal, Sunseap Taiwan's portfolio continues to grow to include new locations and deployment of solar PV systems on different types of buildings and structures across Taiwan, totaling 60 MWp in contracted capacity.

Sunseap has also completed three solar farms in Taiwan's Miaoli region on schedule in the first half of this year, despite facing challenging terrains such as uneven and steep sites, particularly for the Miaoli North Solar Farm (628 kWp) & Miaoli South Solar Farm (1,349 kWp). Miaoli Houlong West Solar Farm (735 kWp) was in a more accessible location, and the experience and expertise of the local team saw this project completed in a record time of one month. The three projects’ cumulative output is 2.7 MWp and were all commissioned under the country's Taipower FiT (Feed-In Tariff) regime programme.

Ow Wei Pin, Senior Manager of Business Development, Sunseap Taiwan, said: "Sunseap celebrates the third anniversary of our operations in Taiwan this year and we are glad to see good progress in our efforts to get businesses to include renewable alternatives in their energy mix.

We believe that the experience gained from the three projects in the Miaoli region, where we had to deal with difficult terrains and less than ideal locations, will put us in good stead to work on other projects with similar challenges."

In 2016, the Taiwan government announced a national renewable energy target of 20% by 2025, which includes plans to install 20 GW of solar energy by 2025. Coal-fired power plants have been Taiwan's main power source for many years, and as these ageing structures start to be decommissioned, the timing was ideal for a switch to clean energy.

Sunseap Taiwan Solar Holdings Ltd started operations in Taiwan in 2018, and has two subsidiaries namely, Pacific Sunseap Energy Limited which focuses on distributed photovoltaic projects, and Sunseap Solutions Taiwan Limited which focuses on energy efficiency and green roof solutions.

About Sunseap Group
Sunseap Group is a solar energy system developer, owner and operator in Singapore, with over 400 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) of solar energy projects contracted, of which more than 168 MWp have been completed on more than 1,500 buildings in Singapore, including public housing estates, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Sunseap Group also operates in various countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

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(一)星生能源於台東縣首座地面型系統,該系統完工後容量為1.2 MWp;
(二)星生能源於宜蘭縣首座商業屋頂型系統,完工後容量為1.6 MWp;

星生能源公司在台的太陽光電建置腳步,從第一個屏東大排項目開始,持續在台灣生根擴展不同的項目,同時在台灣各地建立新的駐點,並且在不同類型的建築物上安裝太陽能光電系統,目前簽約容量已達60 MWp。

星生能源指出,在今年上半年,儘管面臨設置地形崎嶇、地勢陡峭等挑戰,在苗栗縣的三個地面型太陽能電廠都如期完成,如北苗太陽能電廠(628 kWp)和南苗太陽能電廠(1,349 kWp)。而後龍鎮西太陽能電廠(735 kWp)則因設廠位置平緩,在當地團隊的專業經驗協助下,使得計畫設備建置時間縮短,破紀錄於1個月內完工。以上三個項目,總累計容量為2.7 MWp。


我國在2016年政府宣布國家能源目標,於2025年再生能源發電占比需達20%以上,並預計未來太陽能發電量在2025年能達到20 GW。多年來燃煤火力發電一直是台灣的主要電力來源。隨著這些老舊的發電廠開始退役,現在正是轉換成清潔能源的理想時機。


星生集團是來自新加坡的太陽能系統開發、持有和營運商,已簽約超過 400 MWp 的太陽能項目。在新加坡已完成1,500多座建築物系統建置,包括公營住宅、商業和工業建築,總計超過 168 MWp。



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