The First Solar Carport in Miaoli - Qiwen Elementary School

September 10, 2020

In cooperation with the green policy by Taiwan government, Miaoli Qiwen Elementary School opened a tender for the rooftop solar installation over the outdoor parking area and activity center. Top Green Energy Ltd (a JV company between Sunseap Group and Pacific Green Energy) won the tender and completed the project with 293.76 kW of solar system installed.


Solar carport in Miaoli Qiwen Elementary School.

With an aim to promote green energy development, there is a close collaboration between central and local government in Taiwan. This newly installed facility has been completed in August 2020 with an estimated annual power generation sufficient to provide 107 Taiwanese households' average annual electricity consumption, and is also equivalent to reduce 208 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The technical team from Top Green Energy Ltd (a JV company between Sunseap Taiwan and Pacific Green Energy) had performed thorough preparatory works prior to installation such as removal of the old rooftop and implemented waterproofing layers for the activity center. The parking area's old pavement has been renewed and reposition the structural layout to improve the traffic flow. The revamped parking area now boast 3-meters high solar powered carport.

This project achieves the milestone of an integrated infrastructure - car parking facility in conjunction with electricity generation, and creates a win-win situation in both green energy development and interest of the school.


The revamped parking area equipped with 3-meters high solar powered carport.