Sunseap Taiwan builds first solar PV system for Laiwell Group


Sunseap Taiwan's 993kWp Solar PV system on Laiwell Group's food packaging factory

December 2, 2020

Sunseap Taiwan recently completed a 993 kilowatts peak (kWp) solar PV system, which consists of more than 3,000 solar PV panels installed, on the factory rooftop of Laiwell Group, Taiwan's leading food packaging company, under a solar power purchase agreement.

This solar PV system on Laiwell's factory rooftop in Kaohsiung Taiwan is expected to generate an estimated 1,310,000 kilowatt-Hour (kWH) of clean renewable energy per year, which is equivalent to approximately 364 Taiwanese households' average annual electricity consumption. This will help reduce about 666 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

"This is the first project that we partnered with a food related manufacturer in Taiwan, & we are really proud to integrate green technology with sustainable food practices" Weipin Ow, Business Development, Sunseap Taiwan.

As a pioneer of the clean energy industry, Sunseap is committed to renewable and sustainable energy solutions and will continue to look for partners in Taiwan and across Asia in building more clean renewable projects which will help fight climate change.

About Sunseap Group
Sunseap Group is a leading solar energy system developer, owner and operator in Singapore, with over 400 MegaWatt-peak (MWp) of solar energy projects contracted, of which more than 168 MWp have been completed on more than 1,500 buildings in Singapore including public housing estates, as well as commercial and industrial buildings. It operates through five key units: Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International, Sunseap Energy, Sunseap Engineering and Sunseap Solutions.

Sunseap Leasing is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. Sunseap International targets markets in the Southeast Asian and Pacific regions. These include solar farm in Vietnam with more than 170 MWp, and solar projects in Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. Sunseap Energy provides renewable energy solutions utilising off-site arrangements by drawing on solar systems within the Group’s portfolio of distributed generation assets. Sunseap Engineering provides engineering, procurement and construction as well as operation and maintenance services for PV projects. Sunseap Solutions focuses on energy efficiency solutions by providing services such as energy audits, lighting retrofitting and green roof systems.

About Laiwell Group
Laiwell is one of the leading manufacturers of food packaging and packaging solutions in Taiwan. The company was established in 1976 and serves the consumer/retail, food service and international markets. Our primary products include foam trays, foam bowls, OPS containers, PP cups, trays, expanded PS insulation board and many other packaging products like paper cups was also developed in the late 1990s.

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Erica Chang

星国绿能龙头星生能源 携手台湾禹青打造太阳能屋顶


星生能源建置于禹青高雄厂的太阳能屋顶系统 (993 kWp)


新加坡再生能源龙头-星生能源与台湾食品包装巨擘-禹青企业,共同开发的太阳能屋顶,已于十月底开始并网启用。本项目共装置3,000片以上的太阳能板,安装于禹青高雄厂房的屋顶,总容量达 993 kWp。

据估计,此案厂预计每年可发 1,310,000 度电,约可供台湾 364 个家庭使用,每年为地球减少 666吨二氧化碳(CO2)。本案成功运用原本闲置的厂房屋顶,发挥潜在循环经济价值。

星生能源台湾区业务总监区伟斌表示 "此案场为我们首度携手食品相关企业,能将绿能科技结合永续食物理念,我们感到相当荣幸!"


星生集团为新加坡最大的再生能源供应商,拥有全球总容量约500 MWp的太阳能案场。集团足迹遍布全亚洲,拥有五大事业群: 星生租赁、星生国际、星生能源、星生工程以及星生方案。服务项目涵跨太阳能开发建设、系统维运、节能咨询、绿屋顶等。在新加坡我们与脸书、微软等重点企业合作,供应当地办公室100%再生能源。

「禹昌国际集团」创始于1976年,拥有超过40年生产销售经验的食品包装容器及饮料杯专业生产工厂。自1980年起陆续成立「禹青企业股份有限公司」、「禹昌企业股份有限公司」,同时不断自美国、欧洲、日本引进先进的设备及各种塑胶加工技术,开发生产PSP、HIPS、PET、 EPS、EPP、PP、OPS、PAPER、PS发泡隔热建材板等符合环保回收材质的产品。

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