7 Home-Grown Companies To Look Out For In 2019


July 17, 2019

With backgrounds in engineering and accountancy, Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu set up a solar energy business, Sunseap Leasing Pte Ltd, in 2011.

As the trend towards renewable energy was still on a gradual rise, they initially struggled to secure significant funding, and often had to educate financial institutions on their business model. Additionally, not many construction firms were experienced with solar panels at the time, requiring them to train workers for their massive projects.

Sunseap installed solar panels across 40 HDB blocks for their first project, and has since installed them on thousands more. Now, they are also the sole provider of power to Singapore's Apple Store.

Beyond home, Sunseap is bringing solar panels to rooftops in Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Australia, where they also target rural areas that can benefit from renewable energy most.

Bring It On, 2019!

Across different industries, from F&B and fashion, to healthcare and energy, these Singapore companies have been creating new types of value for consumers and businesses over the past years.

While they'd all started up from the dust at one point of time, their work has since given rise to unique ideas, greater convenience, and memorable experiences.

We look forward to seeing where their entrepreneurial spirit takes these local founders, as they continue to pump in the elbow grease to reach new milestones in 2019.