Tanglin Academy and Sunseap Group collaborate to harness off-grid solar energy


October 25, 2016

Sunseap Group, the leading clean energy provider, is collaborating with the Tanglin Academy (TA) to install solar panels to power TA's day load activities. Currently, TA fulfills all its electricity needs with a diesel generator.

TA is the first tennis centre in Singapore to introduce clean energy practices, whilst promoting solar education and a healthy lifestyle. Elvin Chee, Director, Business and Operations at TA shared that "the motivation for the collaboration with Sunseap on the off-grid solar project came from the desire to reduce air and noise pollution created by the diesel generator, and to provide solar energy education to children. TA recognises the importance of influencing the mind-set of younger generations from an early age about renewable energy and the environment".

Chee further added that"on the commercial side it's cost saving but this isn't the only benefit as it triggers other initiatives, for example managing waste on the premises". Through the use of a solar energy system, TA will save 15-20 per cent of their energy costs, while reducing their carbon footprint by an estimated 8.3 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to daily carbon dioxide emissions from 500 cars or 215 trees planted annually.

Sunseap identified an opportunity to make TA's day load green as a start. According to Camillus Yang, Vice President, Corporate Development and Finance, "In the future when prices become more favorable, we could possibly add batteries into the mix. When that time comes, it would be very exciting to deploy a full carbon offset solution. Apart from the important benefits Elvin mentioned, this solar energy system at TA is also very unique project as it is off-grid and thus involves diesel generators thereby enabling Sunseap to learn more about the co-existence of solar with diesel generators."

As such, Sunseap enhanced their knowledge about off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) solutions and improved the understanding of the challenges and requirements of off-grid projects. As Ying Te Tan, Executive, Special Projects, noted "the technical challenges in this case are quite unique. For instance, the PV system cannot entirely replace the diesel generators because of solar energy's natural intermittency (i.e. sun doesn't shine in the evening, excessive cloud cover, rainy days etc.). This means that the two systems would need to work in tandem, and to achieve this is much easier said than done."

"There are many opportunities for such similar projects in Southeast Asia. Many have already expressed interest in having off-grid clean energy or hybrid solutions, but on a much larger scale," added Yang.

About Tanglin Academy:
Tanglin Academy, (originally Tanglin Tennis School – TTS at Minden Road), is located at Sport's Park at Turf City, Bukit Timah. Singapore's premier private tennis facilities, over the years it has produced many national junior players over various age groups over the last 16 years with a good number representing Singaporeininternationalevents.Itsareaoffocusisprimarilyontennisforchildren,providingstructured tennis training, enabling the natural progression from starter to competitive junior tennis. One of the only facilities to be equipped with 6 mini courts for Play and Stay, alongside 9 full size competition hard courts and 6redclay courtsintheSoutheastAsianRegion.TheAcademy'sotherareaoffocusisonelitetraining programs and classes for adults, corporate and coaching certification. TA is fully committed to support the Singapore Tennis Association and SportsSG in promoting the continuous development of tennis in Singapore. TA is also passionate about the opportunities to educate the next generation about environmental responsibility, through its operations as a leading sports education institution.