Sunseap Group to provide Clean Energy to power 100% of Apple's operations in Singapore – a landmark arrangement in Southeast Asia


November 16, 2015

Sunseap Group announced a landmark arrangement to supply clean energy for Apple in South Asia under a long-term contract beginning January 2016. The deal makes Apple the first company to be powered by 100% renewable energy in Singapore. Solar energy systems on rooftops across more than 800 buildings in Singapore in Sunseap's portfolio will be used to power the ambitious new project. This arrangement, which is in line with Apple's goal to power all of its facilities around the world with 100% renewable energy, is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Frank Phuan, Managing Director of Sunseap Group, said "Sunseap is pleased to introduce new initiatives in Singapore's energy sector to provide clean energy solutions to both international and local organizations. Besides Apple, Sunseap is also working with various government agencies and energy service companies to provide new clean energy product offerings, allowing clients to realize sustainability goals. These initiatives include qualifying new and existing buildings with Green Mark from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), and equipping listed companies in order to align with proposed mandatory sustainability reporting requirements of the Singapore Exchange. Consequently, we expect a ripple effect for organizations in Singapore to incorporate sustainability practices in their businesses, especially for listed companies."

Singapore's progress in the renewables sector also reflects the leadership of government, as well as their emphasis on sustainability. "Sunseap's strategic partnership with Apple represents a new frontier in Singapore's drive to utilize more cost-competitive renewable energy, and at the same time, achieve environmental sustainability and energy security. This project is testament to Singapore's position as the leading clean energy hub in Asia where companies can conveniently develop, test and commercialise innovative energy technologies and business models. We are confident that this pioneering business model of offsite power-purchase agreements will help Singapore address our space scarcity challenge and spur even more companies in Singapore to scale their renewable energy usage," said Mr. Goh Chee Kiong, Executive Director of Cleantech, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

"Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and it's going to take determination and innovation to make the much needed transition to a green economy," said Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. "This deal will cover all of our electricity needs in Singapore, including our 2,500-person corporate campus and new retail store. We're thrilled to be working with Sunseap and the government of Singapore to pioneer new ways to bring solar energy to the country — and bring Apple even closer to our goal of powering our facilities around the world with 100% renewable energy."

The landmark arrangement with Apple solidifies Sunseap's unique position in the energy markets. As a licensed wholesaler and retailer, Sunseap is able to channel solar energy produced in its steadily growing portfolio of rooftop solar farms into Apple's facilities. Sunseap has tailored a solution for Apple, combining on-site rooftop solar leasing of 1.1MWp and up to 40 GWh worth of clean energy delivered via an off-site Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This solution will allow Apple to be the first company to be 100% powered by renewable energy in Singapore. Dominic Garetto, Sunseap Group's VP of Corporate Development based in California, said "The Sunseap team was inspired by the global expertise and thought leadership that Apple contributed to the creation of this landmark arrangement, and we are proud to support the ongoing deployment of renewable energy in Asia."

In a situation of land scarcity, the most efficient and scalable source of renewable energy comes from the sun. Sunseap's unique proposition of providing clean energy accumulated from rooftop farms scattered across the island will continue to allow clients to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy even without installing solar energy systems on their own roof spaces.

Lawrence Wu, Director of Sunseap Group, explained "Sunseap's blended offer of solar leasing and clean energy retail addresses the issue of limited roof space. Clients may now elect to purchase clean energy that fulfills a substantial portion, or even 100% of their electricity requirements. We hope that this will present an exciting new step for the renewable energy sector in both Singapore and the region, sparking a greater acceptance of clean solar energy."