Projects in Vietnam - 168MWp Solar Farm in Ninh Thuan

By Shauna
August 12, 2022

In 2019, EDPR Sunseap completed the construction of one of Vietnam's largest solar farms – the 168MWp solar farm in Ninh Thuan. Consisting of 449,880 solar panels and 42 inverters, the farm is located in the south-central coast of Vietnam and was commissioned as part of a 20-year solar power purchase agreement.

While the farm has only been in operation for a couple of years, the benefits that it has brought to the Vietnamese community are extensive.

Job Opportunities
One of the many benefits reaped was the creation of job opportunities and generation of income for the local community. The construction of the solar farm created 2,000 jobs and jobs were also created for the maintenance and monitoring of the farm’s progress and operations.

Socio-Economic Development
With the project in place, it has also helped to improve the economic development and quality of life of the local community. Since the project has been completed, it has produced enough clean energy for 200,000 Vietnamese citizens to use.

It is undeniable that this project has positively impacted the Vietnamese community. As leaders of the energy transition, our main aim is to electrify even the most unelectrified regions, to make green energy affordable and accessible to everyone. With this project in place, it has helped both Vietnam and the region take a step closer to their sustainability goals.

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