What does it mean to Go Solar with Sunseap?

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By Nicholas Ng
April 6, 2021

Many of you have seen our tagline, "Go Solar" but how exactly do you go about doing that? In this blog, we share the various ways you can go solar in Singapore, save some money and along the way, you can also play a part in saving the environment!

1. Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – Lease Solar Panels for your Commercial & Industrial Building


Solar PPA allows building owners to utilize solar energy without having to pay any upfront investment cost. Sunseap's Solar PPA fully finances the solar systems – which covers the installation and maintenance for companies - charging only for the solar energy consumed by the building at a competitive electricity tariff rate over a 20- to 25-year period.

As one of the leading solar PPA companies in Singapore, Sunseap Group offers enticing PPA benefits which can lower your electricity consumption costs through competitive tariff rates as well as contribute to lowering carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Zero Capital Investment
Sunseap will design & install the solar PV system according to your requirements with no upfront costs. You pay only for what you use.

Monitoring, Maintenance & Replacement
Sunseap will take care of monitoring, maintenance, and replacement costs for any Solar PPA purchased with us. We will also ensure the solar panel system is operating at optimal levels during the contract duration in Singapore.

Price Structures
We offer fixed rate structure with no inflation over the solar PPA term. With the discount off regulated tariff plans, you could be looking at savings of up to 23% off your electricity bills.

Contact our friendly consultant today if you would like to find out more!

2. Solar Energy Retail Contracts – Consume Solar Energy for your business & residence without solar panels on your roof!


As one of Singapore's largest solar developer and retailer, our carefully tailored energy plans give access to solar energy to consumers and business owners, helping them save money on their electricity costs at the same time.

Even without having to install a solar energy system, our customers have been able to tap into clean energy right in their homes or office spaces. The solar energy that is not utilized or stored is fed into the national electricity grid where they are tracked and measured as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). These RECs form part of the calculations of savings enjoyed by customers who sign up for Sunseap’s energy plans.

For businesses, check out this video to find out more about our energy plans and contact us here.

For your residence, click here to find out more and sign up here today!

3. Residential Solar Systems – Your own solar energy system!

A SolarPVExchange client who decided to maximize his roof space

If you live in a landed property, you can arrange to install a Solar Photovolataic (PV) system which is the heart of the solar energy system. There are approximately 69,000 private homes – or 5% of the total residential dwellings in Singapore – so your decision to make the switch to clean energy can play a huge role in helping Singapore achieve the 2030 solar target!

SolarPVExchange is Sunseap's exclusive partner which focuses on residential solar projects in Singapore. To date, SolarPVExchange has helped numerous clients save on their energy bills, while promoting the cause for sustainability and fighting climate change. Contact them here if you are keen to find out more!

Going solar is not just about installing solar panels on your roof, or for that matter, the amount of money you can save. It is much more than that; it is about protecting our environment and preserving it for generations to come.

We hope this blog has given you a clearer understanding of what it means to go Solar with Sunseap. If you have any enquiries, please get in touch with us here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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