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February 2, 2021

The Move Towards Energy Efficiency

Clients will be able to have visibility on their consumption patterns
Clients will be able to have visibility on their consumption patterns

Today, the world's most valuable companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, have sought to differentiate themselves by integrating sustainability in their corporate strategies. Riding on this movement, businesses should make a conscientious effort to decarbonize or risk getting left behind.

Consumer behaviour has also evolved in recent years with many consumers basing their purchase decisions on whether a business is environmentally responsible or if business operations are ethical. Notably, consumerism itself is a source of carbon emissions which contributes to the looming climate crisis. So then, What can businesses do to balance and obtain the best of both worlds? (Consumerism and Climate Concerns).

In coming up with a sound Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance goals (ESG) strategy, energy efficiency improvements should be one of the first few approaches a company should undertake, as carbon emitted from buildings accounts for around 20% of total carbon emissions in Singapore. Improving energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to reduce overall energy consumption and significantly reduce the amount of carbon emitted.

More importantly, improving energy efficiency for your building also makes sound financial sense. One of the top overheads for many businesses comes from their buildings and the utilities required to keep them running. Hence, taking steps to improve energy efficiency can bring about massive savings. Such ESG strategies could help your business thrive long term, and weather future shocks.

Where and how do businesses begin?

An Energy Audit tells us a lot about the environment a building is operating in

One can begin by having an energy audit which can help to identify opportunities for energy improvement and demand-side management. This head start will give us an overview of a building's energy consumption patterns and areas of improvement.

There are several approaches that businesses can take, such as installing energy-efficient LED lighting throughout their buildings and by upgrading other electrical items to more efficient options. Choosing the best options when it comes to lifts, pumps, air-conditioning system and other equipment can make a big difference.

Sunseap Solutions in Helping our Clients Towards Energy Efficiency


Historically, high upfront costs have often been viewed as a barrier to implementing such energy-saving strategies. Sunseap Solutions' energy performance contracting (EPC) option helps businesses make energy efficiency savings without any upfront cost.

In addition, Sunseap Solutions also provide complimentary energy audits. For clients who choose to also enjoy economies of scale to allow for the installation of energy-saving lighting and other technologies for less, but want the freedom of non-contractual period, Sunseap Solutions offers competitive pricing. All energy efficiency solutions are brand and electricity retailer agnostic – so the best deals can be achieved without having much disruption to daily operations.

Sunseap Solutions' success stories speak for itself

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In one building in the public sector, for example, the installation of 7,303 LED lights let to projected monthly savings of 180,000 kWh, and monthly cost savings of $22,600. Buildings with energy-efficient lighting installed have better illumination into the bargain as it brightens up the work atmosphere and enables workers to work better.

Increasingly, the positive correlation between good for the planet and businesses is getting stronger. Switching to renewables where possible and reducing energy consumption are key methods to reduce carbon emissions, which is essential to tackle climate change – and it must come quickly.

By taking just one simple step to improve energy efficiency by upgrading to LED lights, you can improve lighting energy consumption by 40%-60%; cut total electricity consumption for a building between 5% and 15%.

In conclusion, the trend is that consumers are gradually expecting business to move towards sustainability, and energy efficiency is one of the fastest ways for businesses to showcase sustainable practices. On top of that, the long-term savings that comes with it, coupled with the lower upfront cost means that it is now easier than before.

Find out how you could benefit from this by requesting for a complimentary energy audit from us here.
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