Sunseap's Hiring of 300 Solar Technologists (with NTUC & e2i)

Industry Leaders and their commitment in solarizing Singapore.

By Nicholas Ng
January 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the rice bowls of many who have been retrenched and it has been tough for jobseekers to land into new jobs. As Singapore's largest solar developer, we understand this and have thus came up with efforts to recruit 300 local Solar Technologists. This is in alignment with our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals where we see the moral need to step up and contribute to local job creation when we can.

Past Reliance on Foreign Workers Has to Be Reduced

CEO of Sunseap Group, Mr. Frank Phuan sharing about solar panels with Mr. Ng Chee Meng, Secretary General of NTUC

The pandemic has taught us a lot. It has awakened us to the fact that Singapore must reduce dependency on foreign labor. This was a rude shock for companies particularly in the construction industry when projected were halted due to the lockdowns in the dormitories.

Although the lack of manpower was a catalyst for the recruitment drive, Solar Technologists should not be seen as direct substitutes of our foreign workers. Here's why.

Redesigning the Role for Locals

Sharing about our solar panels with Mr. Ng Chee Meng

Even without prior solar experience, Solar Technologists can look forward to good career prospects, higher remuneration, and a structured career pathway. Even though it is more costly for us to do so, all of these have been designed into the role for it to be more competitive for our prospective local workers, as compared with foreign workers who might have more barriers to such opportunities.

Sunseap recognizes that it is critical for Singapore to keep up with the global demand for renewables by equipping our local workforce with relevant experience and skillsets in becoming more competitive. This is the reason why the company has no qualms in spending more in making the role more attractive. On-the-job training is provided, in addition to many other benefits.

For People of All Ages & No Prior Experience Required

People waiting to be interviewed by our on-site HR colleagues

We welcome Singaporeans from all walks of life to join us if you share the passion of fighting climate change. No prior experience is required because not only will you be trained with the right skillsets, but you will also be enriched and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Solar energy is an essential source of renewable energy that is safe and carbon friendly. Take the next step and play a big part in solarizing Singapore towards a greener future.

Join us now!


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P.S. Check out this video taken during the NTUC x e2i recruitment drive via Sunseap's Facebook page or on our YouTube channel!

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