An Update on Sunseap's New Solar Technologists

By Jeffrey Selamutu
December 7, 2021

Earlier this year, Sunseap worked with various government agencies to redesign the job scope for the role of solar technologist, primarily to attract more Singaporeans to enter the renewable energy industry.

On-The-Job and Upskills training are built into the job to offer opportunities for specialization and promotion, including consideration for management positions. One of the initiatives is a partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to co-develop a training syllabus.

This affiliation with ITE will also help course attendees gain some hands-on experience through internships or study-work programs. This will no doubt provide for a better understanding of how a career as a Solar Technologist can be professionally and financially rewarding.

In-person onboarding and orientation in July

With the clean energy sector poised to expand under the mandate of the Singapore Green Plan, a meaningful change was needed to grow the local talent pool. The demand for skilled and trained clean energy specialists is expected to grow as the sector develops. A higher starting salary was the cheery on top, and it was encouraging to more than a thousand applications.

The first batch of new recruits started on July 1st, and to date, we have recruited around 200 new Solar Technologists. Training has begun in earnest, in both on-the-job and classroom settings, progressing steadily towards the baseline of 140 hours.

With the heightened Covid-19 safety management measures, now the onboarding process is now a hybrid program incorporating in-person and virtual components.

Hybrid onboarding process in October 2021


Everyone has adapted quickly, and we are happy to report that recruitment and training will continue into 2022, when we expect to sign up our 300th Solar Technologist.

We are excited to see the new recruits complete their training and stand tall in their roles in Singapore's green work force.


Donning the new uniform of black pants and a bright red top with '#sustainability' emblazoned across the chest, our new Solar Technologists also stand out.

We couldn't be prouder!

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