WFH Lunches: Sunseap Edition


By Natalie Tham
April 14, 2020

Working from home can be isolating and boring, but it doesn't have to be. At Sunseap, our colleagues have used novel ways to keep themselves entertained and keep team spirits high! During a time of disconnection, we have instead become more connected through sharing our meals with one another, and we hope to share our experiences and tips with everyone.

Our colleagues have been sharing their WFH lunches with one another daily, virtually having lunch together.

Check out these WFH lunch tips, along with some photos contributed by one special and close-knitted department in Sunseap, and a video montage at the end!

WFH TIP #1: Make the best out of your free time trying out new recipes in the kitchen!

Some of our colleagues took the opportunity to whip up delicious homemade meals.



WFH TIP #2: No more paktor because of CB? No problem. Show your partner your love by cooking for them.

Some of Sunseap's lucky colleagues sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed meals cooked by their partners.


WFH TIP #3: Indulge! Because you can.

But eat in moderation please.


WFH TIP #4: Feeling too yeet-hay (heaty)? Boost your immunity with fruits and Vitamin C.

This one, can eat more.



WFH TIP #5: Do acts of kindness for the people around you.

You never know who needs it during these tumultuous times. Moreover, giving always feels more rewarding than receiving.

One of our colleagues' landlord had specially prepared this stew for her.


Enjoy the full video montage of our meals here:

We hope that this inspires you to make the WFH life a little less mundane and a little more tolerable! Let us stay safe, healthy and connected during this period of time.