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Colleagues from the Sunseap Solutions Team at SigFox Connect 2019

By Nicholas Ng
August 6, 2020

With roots as a local solar manufacturer dating back to the 1980s, the Sunseap brand has always been associated with all things solar. Today, Sunseap Group is widely known to be Singapore's largest solar developer, having clinched projects both locally and in the region with the likes of HDB's SolarNova programme, a floating solar project at Woodlands and one of Vietnam's largest solar farm in Ninh Thuan, valued at USD 150 million.

Sunseap is also a familiar name in Singapore's retail energy market, powering the operations of commercial clients such as Microsoft and Apple with solar energy and to residential households since the inception of the Open Electricity Market initiative by EMA.

What is unknown to many is that, Sunseap Group has offerings in the field of demand-side management, particularly; energy performance contracting and energy audits under Sunseap Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunseap Group. Sunseap Solutions aims to help companies reduce overall energy consumption in buildings/offices via various energy efficiency initiatives and/or demand response offerings. In addition, Sunseap Solutions is also the main South East Asian distributor of OPTIGRUEN, a patented green roof system that consists of various components and inorganic growing substrate for urban landscaping.

This will be the first part of our feature on Sunseap Solutions and how its suite of offerings can help businesses and even residential buildings, save on their monthly energy bills.

Demand Side Management | Energy Performance Contracts

LED Lights installed at a height. These lights will require Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) during installation and maintenance.

Energy Demand-side Management (DSM) refers to various energy efficient solutions that can help consumers use lesser energy to perform the same tasks, without affecting their operational needs.

Similar with a Power Purchase Agreement, Sunseap Solutions's Energy Performance Contract helps businesses by alleviating the financial burden of paying for capital intensive equipment that are much more energy efficient than what they presently have. With a strong track record in engineering and financing, Sunseap Solution will leverage on economies of scale to procure the latest technologies and finance the project for our clients at competitive rates. As a result, the client will see reductions in their overall energy consumption, resulting in savings that will be shared between the client and Sunseap for a stipulated duration. During this period, Sunseap Solutions will be responsible for the maintenance of the upgrades.

Project Reference 1


Building Type: Multi-Tenanted Industrial Building
Scope: Retrofitting of driveway and common area lighting to LED.
No. of lightings: 1,719
Projected monthly energy savings: 21,000 kWh
Projected monthly cost savings: $4,500

Project Reference 2


Building Type: Multi-Tenanted Industrial Building
Scope: Retrofitting of driveway and common area lighting to LED.
No. of lightings: 601
Projected monthly energy savings: 7,500 kWh
Projected monthly cost savings: $2,000

Typical fluorescent tube lighting that consume twice as much as LED lights.

The Sunseap Solutions team was able to fully finance projects that have helped our clients save as much as 21,000 kWh every month. The reduced energy consumption has helped our clients save more than $4000 in a month, with savings shared between Sunseap Solutions and the client. In record time, the team only took slightly more than a week to complete a particular project, working through weekends and lunch, to cater to the client's operational requirements. Sunseap Solutions will handle every aspect of the lighting upgrades, from project management, applying of permits, rental of cranes, up till project completion. As the owner of the upgraded lights and fittings, Sunseap Solutions will also bear the cost of maintenance during the contract period.

Client's Goals


Many buildings especially with a Managing Agent (MA) and a Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), share similar goals such as the following;

1) Reduce energy consumption and monthly energy cost.
2) Upgrade energy inefficient lightings without having to dip into sinking fund.
3) Reduce spending on ad-hoc maintenance of damaged equipment.
4) Achieve results to be reported to council members during the AGM 😀

For bigger buildings, the number of energy-inefficient lights and fittings can be in the thousands; Therefore, most managing agents prefer to replace them only when the lights get faulty instead of a complete overhaul. Replacing lights one at a time might not be as cost-effective as doing it all at once, due to economies of scale when procuring equipment and manpower for the upgrades. Furthermore, the cost of a full overhaul that includes manpower, material, and equipment, can potentially cost more than $100,000.

What Sunseap Solutions helped the Client to achieve


By signing an energy performance contract with Sunseap Solutions, clients have benefitted in the following ways

1) Our clients did not have to fork a single cent to finance the project.
2) We managed to complete projects in double-quick time without disruption to the client's day-to-day operations.
3) Employee workload, in terms of lighting management and maintenance, was reduced significantly.
4) Immediate savings were actualized and achieved.
5) Employees of our clients had given feedback that offices were more brightly lit, which increased productivity and gave the office a warmer working atmosphere.
6) And most importantly, Client Satisfaction 😀

Sunseap Solutions' energy performance contracts have helped clients to achieve savings and enjoy better illumination at zero upfront cost without dipping into their sinking funds. We had even replaced low energy consuming items such as exit lights and battery packs, in accordance with BCA's requirements.

Contact us today at if you are keen to find out how Sunseap Solutions can help you manage and save on your commercial/industrial building's energy consumption!

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