Meet the Team: Humans Of Sunseap


By Natalie Tham
July 16, 2020

Who are the faces behind Sunseap, and what do they do?

In this mini-series, we would like to introduce our colleagues to you. More than just the invaluable work they do, our colleagues are humans who lead rich lives and believe in meaningful causes. Let's get to know them for who they are.

Xiang Long

Xiang Long

Meet Xiang Long, our go-to person for Corporate Finance matters. As a Corporate Finance Manager, he is responsible for performing deal structuring and investment analysis in our projects, on top of sourcing and evaluating both equity and debt financing.

Outside of work, he is an avid mahjong and poker player. As a means to keep himself fit, Xiang Long cycles and runs frequently. He is a fan of Korean dramas on Netflix. (The King: Eternal Monach, anyone?)

Xiang Long believes that urgent action to tackle climate change is needed more than ever and acknowledges that although COVID-19 had brought emissions down, the positive change was a reaction to dwindling economic activity, and not a result of pro-active environmental efforts. He advocates for both individual efforts and sound government policies to make green efforts sustainable and practical. To do his part for the environment, the long-time Sunseap Energy customer tries to bring his own bag whenever he goes grocery shopping.

When asked about how he is doing, he says that his wife is also working from home, and cheekily admits that he is not sure if seeing each other 24/7 is a good thing.


Nicholas (far left) pictured at the Open Electricity Market (OEM) roadshow in 2018
Nicholas (far left) pictured at the Open Electricity Market (OEM) roadshow in 2018

Nicholas is a familiar face to the Marketing and Communications team. As Sales Lead, he is primarily responsible for sales management, while also managing digital content and marketing.

To destress, he enjoys partaking in leisure activities such as reading, writing, meeting new people and swimming.

Nicholas is passionate about uplifting vulnerable members of society. Recounting why he feels so strongly about helping those in need, he said: "I've known someone who died in a public space, abandoned and this is a place with high human traffic, but no one knew about him. I had briefly interacted with this person before, and often saw him in the neighbourhood. It broke my heart when I saw on the news that he had passed on and did not have money to pay for treatment of his medical conditions."

No stranger to eco-friendly habits, he does his part by recycling water from washing dishes and re-using collected water.

Ying Hui

Ying Hui

Ying Hui wears two hats: The Business Manager at Sunseap Solutions is concurrently a Project Manager at Energy Ventures. When he isn't managing our energy efficiency business, he is busy overseeing our EMA-SP energy storage project.

To disconnect from technology, he likes to spend time outdoors hiking. The owner of 2 cats enjoys doing chores and immersing himself in a good book.

While Ying Hui harbors a cynical view that it is too late to pushback climate change, he believes that each individual should continue striving as much as possible to reduce their carbon footprint and buy more time for future generations. More personally, he has made the conscious choice to consume more chicken and fish rather than red meat, the latter of which is known for impacting our environment negatively. Keeping the environment in mind, he purchases second-hand or durable products, and looks out for FSC, RSPO and Green Labels while shopping.

Ying Hui is deeply concerned about the critical environmental impact brought about by transboundary haze. Since 2015, he has been running a local non-profit PM Haze ( with other likeminded individuals. "Haze is caused by burning of peatlands in Indonesia, and tropical peatlands are a crucial carbon sink. Protection of these peatlands is hence critical in our fight against climate change," he explains. "Burning of peatlands is caused by expansion of palm oil and paper plantations, and many of these companies are headquartered in Singapore."

Besides doing educational outreach in Singapore, the group carries out ground projects in Indonesia.

Calling for greater visibility on climate change issues, he asserts that while recycling and reducing plastic waste is important, more urgent action ought to be meted out on other issues that directly aggravate climate change.

We hope you have enjoyed this BTS of Sunseap!

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