Humans of Sunseap Part 2


By Natalie Tham
August 12, 2020

You have read the first installation of our Humans of Sunseap series. Who else makes up Sunseap, you wonder? In the second part of this series, let us introduce to you 3 more of our own. In conjunction with National Day, which is all about celebrating the place we call home, we likewise celebrate the individuals who have created a homely environment out of Sunseap; a place rooted in its values of sustainability, teamwork and passion at its core.

Janice (Business Manager)


Meet Janice, someone who strongly advocates teamwork towards a common goal, for the success of any project. Janice strives to meet targets in the process of profitable commercialisation of the product she is in charge of. Acting as a bridge to communicate Sunseap's products, services, and values to stakeholders, while obtaining their buy-in, she says, has been rewarding.

A family oriented individual, Janice values quality time spent with family and friends. Never one to shy away from novel experiences, she rarely passes up on an opportunity to go horseback riding. She also prides herself on being a huge foodie, and welcomes fellow foodies to indulge in a good meal together. Her latest hobby? Being a mum to her new cat. The long-time animal lover says her new cat has brought her family much closer together, and trained them to be more loving and patient.

Reflecting on the past few months, she acknowledges that while COVID-19 has caused much negativity ("cabin fever, circuit breaker, deaths"), she has observed more acts of altruism. People have become kinder, she suggested. "Recently, I underwent the demise of a loved one. While I was grieving, I did not expect my friends and family to visit me in person during this period. Despite knowing that they risked exposing themselves to a fatal virus, they still visited me. The warmth and love I received from family and friends was a pleasant revelation." For Janice, the simple act of visitation had never been more valued and appreciated.

Being involved in sustainability-related events taught her the importance of engaging the wider population in sustainable practices, she says. She admits that she was once a huge fan of disposables and used to think that recycling was useless. Her perspective changed entirely after she drafted the corporate Climate Action Pledge, which pushed her to walk the talk. "Singapore gained one more believer in sustainable practices," she said. Now, Janice is a strong environmental advocate, and encourages everyone to be involved in some way, regardless of how small.

Jia Xiang (Executive, Maintenance)

Jia Xiang

Jia Xiang is one of the latest additions to the Maintenance department. As an executive, he is responsible for tracking the progress of workers on site and assisting them in maintaining PV systems or communication devices.

Outside of work, he spends most of his free time gaming. "I do realise that it is quite an unhealthy lifestyle, so I occasionally exercise in the gym to maintain a healthier lifestyle," he said. "And with coding becoming an essential skill, I am learning how to code using online tutorials and books, though it can be quite confusing initially. I am starting to understand how it works and I hope to be able to do something with this skill in the future."

Like Janice, Jia Xiang is also an animal lover. He hopes that people will think twice before buying a pet, as he has observed that most stray animals are abandoned after owners realise how difficult it is to care for a pet. Though he does not own a pet of his own, his fondness for animals is indisputable as he regularly stops in his tracks to pet passing stray cats.

As a recent Clean Energy Management diploma graduate, he is cognizant of the long-term consequences of climate change. Although climate change may not have a great impact right now, it will get worse, he says. As a young Gen Z, Jia Xiang is worried about the world he will live in in the future.

"Most people think that only big corporate companies are responsible for climate change. I understand - they are for the most part. But in fact, all of us are responsible. Little things such as: taking public transport instead of driving or recycling plastic can make a big difference in the long run. If all of us are able to do this I am certain that we can turn the situation around before it gets worse."

Anne (Creative, Marketing and Communications)


A veteran in the media industry, Anne is a creative producer in the Marketing and Communications department. She is a video content creator and director but prefers to think of herself as an all-encompassing creative solutions provider.

Like many millennials and Gen Z, she admits to being glued to the screen most of the time, watching an exorbitant amount of TV or movies. The self-proclaimed entertainment junkie typically watches crime, mystery, drama and horror, and abhors romantic comedies (unless she likes the cast). "I love animated series too, like Family Guy and American Dad; sitcoms like Friends, that's comfort TV for me," she said.

When she is not binge-watching a TV series, you'll find her reading, collecting designer toys ("mainly Bearbricks"), leering at art & design content, and catching up on the latest news on pop/street culture.

On WFH plans due to Covid-19, she said it has been a good time for rest and reset since she has the gift of time. Reflecting on coping mechanisms, and relationships with others and herself, are just some of the things she has been able to do for her mental wellness.

"People and governments have been arguing about the environment since forever, but too little is being done," she said. "I am a massive snacker, so it feels kind of hypocritical to talk about sustainable habits. But I do reuse my snack bags/food packaging for trash. I try not to use straws if I can. I am a (mostly) reformed shopaholic, now I am more mindful when considering to purchase something. And I haven't bought a bearbrick/toy for my collection in the last 2 years."

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