How Does U-Solar Make It More Attractive For Businesses To Go Solar?

Sunseap is the largest and most established clean energy solutions provider in Singapore.

By Natalie Tham
March 20, 2020

Rising production and operational costs are just one of the challenges that corporations today face. By switching to solar power, corporations can enjoy substantial savings on their energy bill and operational costs.

To help corporations switch to solar power easier, UOB has merged forces with Singapore's largest clean energy solutions provider Sunseap to roll out the latest green initiative, U-Solar.

U-Solar, a programme that acts as a financing scheme, allows corporations to spread payments across 12 to 36 months, thus making it easier for corporations to go solar. The best part? U-Solar comes with zero interest incurred!

And why should corporations own a solar PV system?

Firstly, corporations can maximise their unused roof space. Many corporates who have their own building have unused roof space. By installing a solar PV system, not only can companies help fight climate change, but they can also monetize this unused space to reduce their monthly energy overheads, and at the same time contribute solar energy to the power grid, which helps them earn rebates from the selling of excess generated energy.

Secondly, building owners can be assured steady revenue streams for at least 25 years. As solar panels have a guaranteed power output by the manufacturer for at least 25 years, the solar system can last for at least a quarter of a century. The system will pay for itself throughout the years and this allows building owners to focus more resources on other revenue-generating income streams.

Thirdly, owners of solar PV systems can enhance their branding as environmentally conscious businesses. With the effects of global warming and climate change upon us, going solar has become a growing trend. This has allowed many corporates to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and helped them foster brand loyalty. Studies have also shown that consumers do consider a company's sustainability efforts before making a purchase decision.

Prior to U-Solar, the high upfront cost of a solar system had deterred many corporations who wanted to go solar but did not want to fork out a lump sum payment. Now with U-Solar, corporates can save as they pay and not be bound by a long term leasing contract.

The installation process is easy and hassle-free: Simply contact us and we will arrange for a consultation, assessment and rooftop inspection. Simply pay using a UOB Credit Card and enjoy the interest-free payment plan. Subsequently, we will fix a date with you for your solar installation.

TLDR: Why go U-Solar with Sunseap?
• Pay less for electricity bills every month
• Be recognised as an environmentally conscious company
• Access to one of the best financing scheme available with Singapore's leading bank
• Enjoy a one-stop solar solution with us as we handle all your solar needs from installation to completion and then maintenance
• Reduce carbon footprint in Singapore
• Help fight climate change

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