Featuring the Winners of Sunseap's Internal Value Statement Competition


By Nicholas Ng
September 25, 2020

We recently held a fun internal competition among our colleagues from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam, based on Sunseap Group's newly minted value statements, namely, Sustainability, Innovation, Passion, Ownership and Teamwork. It was interesting to see how each of these values were interpreted by our colleagues of different cultures, from as far as Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, including Singapore. Some of these entries were very personal, documenting the teamwork they had experience, in the form of videos.<

Here are the winning entries from our colleagues on Sunseap's values and a special mention entry which took us by surprise.😊

1. Sustainability

We pursue the lasting and enduring interests of our stakeholders, responsibly.

Winner – Taiwan Team (Sam)


2. Innovation

We believe there's always a better way to do it & innovation is key to our business.

Winner – Vietnam Accounting Team (Pham & Accounting)

3.1 Passion (Image Category)

We love what we do, & believe in what we do.

Joint Winner 1 - Singapore Team (Zhong Hao, Jane Ya, Aung Moe Htut, Aung Zay Ya, Ja'afar)


Joint Winner 2 – Singapore Team (Nora, Nurin, Huda, Nicholas Chua, Nicholas Ng)


3.2 Passion (Video Category)

Joint Winner 1 – Singapore Team (Siying, Susie, Wang Cai, Wen Xiang, Ah Soon)

Joint Winner 2 – Japan Team (Kumagai Minori)

Note: Japan won in the Passion category although they were supposed to submit it for the value, "Teamwork", probably due to a lost in translation, nevertheless kudos to them for their effort😊

Special Feature Winner – Singapore Team (Chin Siong, Wan Li, Frank B, Janice, Mac)

4.1 Ownership (Image Category)

We take pride in ownership, & in every difficult situation, we will seize to solve it.

Joint Winner 1 – Singapore Team (Alicia, Denise, Lewis and Ying De)


Joint Winner 2 -Singapore Team (Darren, Keith, Yajie, Zhua Han, Zeef)


4.2 Ownership (Video Category)

Winner – Singapore Team (Siong Teng, Zach, Shun Xian, Shu Ning Yong Le)

5. Teamwork

We are united through team spirit, common goals & pursuit of excellence.

Note: The winning entry from our Sunseap Japan team submitted their entry and titled it under the Passion value statement and hence we don't have a teamwork submission yet. Will update once we have it.

Lastly, we thank everyone for their submission and hope to continue to bring affordable clean energy for everyone while embracing our 5 values: Sustainability, Innovation, Passion, Ownership & Teamwork.

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