EDPR APAC Impact Report On The Environment

Impact Report Infographic

2019 Impact Report

*Greenhouse gases (GHG) refers to emissions, such as carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming and climate change.

• EDPR APAC's business of generating solar energy for our building clients (Solar Leasing), had resulted in an estimate of 32,500 tonnes of GHG emissions being avoided in 2019. [32,500 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided is equivalent to the total annual solar energy consumption of our clients for 2019.]

• EDPR APAC's business of retailing solar energy for our mass market consumers (Energy Retail), had resulted in an estimate of 25,660 tonnes of GHG being avoided in 2019. [25,660 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided is equivalent to the total amount of Renewable Energy Credits retired by our clients in 2019.]

• EDPR APAC was able to avoid 84 tonnes of GHG emissions for its offices via the procurement of solar energy through its energy retail arm (Sunseap Energy). There was however, 15 tonnes of GHG emissions from the use of non-solar electricity for EDPR APAC’s dormitories as the company does not control the dormitories' utility accounts. As such, conventional energy is used to power these facilities. In mitigating this, EDPR APAC has been encouraging its vendors to go Solar.

• EDPR APAC consumed a total of 2896 cubic metres of water across its offices and dormitories in 2019.

• The total amount of GHG emissions generated from EDPR APAC's air travel is 116 tonnes. In light of the inevitable carbon footprint caused by air travel, EDPR APAC has been encouraging all staff to turn to teleconferencing as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

• After deducting GHG emissions from EDPR APAC's air travel and non-solar electricity from the avoided amount of GHG emissions of 84 tonnes, net GHG emissions is at 47 tonnes. This is largely due to the high carbon emitting nature of air travel. Based on this, EDPR APAC will have to cut down at least 40% of its Air travel. EDPR APAC has already began making adjustments to reduce air travel and also in light of the current Covid-19 situation.

*The full sustainability report will be completed in second half of 2021.

Basis of Calculations
• GHG emission factors are from Singapore Energy Market Authority for Singapore grid electricity.

• Figures for building and retail clients are based on available data and the closest estimates, as of the time of posting.

• Air Travel GHG emissions are based on GHG Protocol's Scope 3 methodology. Data from 1.1.19 to 24.1.19 is estimated based on averaged flight data for 2019.

• Water usage includes water used at EDPR APAC's offices and dormitories.